Saturday, April 18, 2009

Video Interview with THE TRANSISTORS!

Vite Reali n°28 - 2009 March, 28 on RAI4 TV
Video Interview with The Transistors
Clips, interviews with ErMan, Luke and Miss Ari directly from the Transistors lab in Rome! (only in italian language)

Video directed by Alessandra Arcieri

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Other credits:
Photos by Damiano Cerrone, Matteo Casilli

Last Train by Rural War Room
Stop Shoot Shock Shout by Marzio Mirabella
Sun of a Beach live by Enrico Gastaldo

Spyderotica from Atelier (Right Tempo)
Sun of a Beach from Modern Landscape (FunkyJuice)
Stop Shoot Shock Shout from Modern Landscape (FunkyJuice)
Switched on Bob - Tribute to Bob Moog by BellaCasa Music / CherryRed Records
ErMan plays a Tenori-on by Timeless Sonic Factory

The Transistors - portrait by Byron Werner