Saturday, February 14, 2009


We are very happy to present you "our" SWITCHED ON BOB project!
We are very excited about this event, because it started from our enthusiasm as musicians.

Switched on Bob CD is a kaleidoscope of music genres: minimal, cosmic couriers' music, french synth-pop, loungecore, cinematica, leftfield, electro-pop, experimental, sixities freshpop, ambient, electronica, jazz.

Switched on Bob is represented by 20 Artists from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, U.S.A.

The concept started with the enthusiasm of Maurizio “ErMan” Mansueti (the Transistors) with the help of Luca “Luke” Cirillo (the Transistors) and Paolo Bruno Margoni (Margoo) in september 2005 at the Transistors' Lab.

This project has given to us the possibility to know many other enthusiastic musicians, and among these artists, two milestones of our music inspiration: Mr. Jean Jacques Perrey and Mr. Dan Lacksman.

The complete artists list: Jean Jacques Perrey - Dan Lacksman - 9 Lazy 9 - The Transistors - Giorgio Li Calzi feat. Wolfgang Flür - Funki Porcini - Timeless Sonic Factory - Margoo - Mucca Macca - Enrico Cosimi - Grand David - Dana Countryman - Messer Chups - Rural War Room - Mir - Creamyshoes - Eugene - Alessio Santoni - Reverse E - Misty Roses

Switched on Bob is definitely your original moog music experience played today for future generations of listeners!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Switched on Bob (CD) A tribute to Bob Moog. Coming soon!

Switched on Bob (CD) A tribute to Bob Moog. Coming soon!

Compilation (p) & © 2009 Bella Casa Music - Distributed by Cherry Red Records

Compiled by Maurizio “ErMan” Mansueti, Margoo, Luke Cirillo

Music Production by

The Moog Project Team (Maurizio “ErMan” Mansueti, Margoo, Luke Cirillo)

Soon more news about this project!

Switched on BOB - preorder it @ HMV !